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Seo Tips For Sarasota Business Owners Who Want to Increase Their Online Presence

When you have a business, you should ensure that you have more potential clients coming in so as to keep the business growing. One way to ensure this happens is by investing in SEO. This enables your Sarasota business to stay relevant in the very competitive market.

SEO or search engine optimization is advantageous as it helps the business get more clients and sales via the internet. The website is designed in a way that makes sure the keywords and domain name enable the business to be visible to many internet users. This way your Sarasota business gets to have exposure to specific target groups that may otherwise not have been aware of the products or services you provide.

Below are some useful tips for ensuring that you maximize the use of Sarasota SEO for your business:


 Have Relevant Content.

Internet users do not like to read long boring and irrelevant things. This is why you should ensure that you put only information that will help your potential customers. Too many so-called SEO professionals only focus on technical aspects such as the number of words, keyword density, and so on. While these things are certainly important, the most important thing is that you are communicating with your website visitors in the way that you want.

If you're a local business (Sarasota-based), it will help to create content about the city of Sarasota, Sarasota County or whatever areas that your business services. It is a good idea to add pictures or videos that will make the help maintain your visitors' attention and make your website more fun. Of course, this content needs to be optimized for Google and other search engines in order to rank for the area keywords that you are targeting.

If you have local listings on websites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages, etc, it is important to make sure that your business information matches what is on your website and Google My Business listing. Any discrepancies such as phone number, web address or address information could cause your website to rank lower in Google Maps for your Sarasota listings, which can be hurting your business. Apart from that, always ensure that you look at the customer complaints on these local directories as it will help you not only better serve your customers, but can also help you get new customers who appreciate the way your company handles customer service.

Make Accuracy A Goal.

Nobody will use a site that offers them unavailable pages when they clink on a link or pages do not have the information they need. Ensure that the links you have on your site are accurate and provide useful information. In addition to that, always put in the right Email address and phone number in case the customers want to contact you.

Hire Sarasota SEO Experts.

If you are having problems with your Sarasota SEO efforts, then hire experienced search engine optimization experts such as Search Mavericks to help you out. They will make the site much better such that you will be getting more traffic in no time. Do not hire SEO consultants that will give you unrealistic goals. They should always tell you the truth and involve you in setting up the site and choosing a domain name.

With over 15 years experience in search engine optimization and many other forms of internet marketing, we can give you REAL, MEASURABLE results that extend beyond just a quick, temporary boost in rankings. We’ll help you to not only achieve better search rankings & increased traffic, but we'll show you how to better optimize your website to convert those visitors into more targeted leads and ultimately more sales.

Make Use Of Social Media.

Using social media to encourage your clients for their output is very important. This is how your business will have a higher chance of being in the top search rankings. Encourage customers to follow your page so as to ensure that it has a better chance of appearing in related searches.

As a client of Search Mavericks, we will promote your content on popular social media outlets and news publications, giving you great opportunities to earn authority backlinks from within your industry that will cause your rankings to soar.

Put Your Business On Local Websites.

Most of the popular search engines make use of local websites to get any businesses that are relevant to searches. That means if you put up your business on these local sites then you have a higher chance of getting more traffic on your site. Ensure you constantly add any new and useful information to the site.

At Search Mavericks, we are experts in advanced local Sarasota SEO strategies that will help your business listing rank higher in these results.

Our SEO techniques are not only highly effective but are also completely white-hat, meaning that we don't take risks with questionable link building methods in order to get results for clients. We focus on building excellent, meaningful content for your website that not only gives search engines what they are looking for but more importantly, your website visitors. Meaning you will gain more links naturally.

Our services are as unique as your business. Your Sarasota business has unique goals, unique customers, and unique needs. That is precisely why all of the Sarasota SEO services we offer can be easily customized to better fit your businesses needs and budget.We would love to talk with you about your business and goals. We’ll research your industry, competition, and keywords that you will want to target. Then we’ll provide you with regular, detailed updates and progress reports for your website’s traffic and rankings.

Our Full Service SEO Package Includes:

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Keyword Research

Are you targeting the right keywords? Do you know the right keywords to target? Without keyword research, you can't be sure. Our team of experts will do in-depth keyword research to ensure that you know exactly what keywords you should be targeting to get the most ROI for your marketing budget.

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On-Page SEO

Is your website search engine friendly? We will optimize the content on your website's pages to ensure that they are easily accessible and readable by Google & other search engines. This includes title & meta tag optimization, images, keyword placement, internal linking structure, and more.

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Link Building

The primary ranking factor used by Google and other search engines is backlinks. How many websites link out to your site? Are the sites linking to you credible? Authoritative? We will examine your backlinks, answer these questions and create a strategy that will get you the links you need to rank higher in Google!

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Content Distribution

Everyone knows that content is king on the internet. Our team of top content producers will tailor a unique content marketing strategy for your business & get your content in front of the eyes of your target audience.

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Social Media Outreach

Social Media is a critical part of a good SEO strategy. We will ensure that your business has a solid Social Media presence, and use those channels to distribute content to your potential customers each month.

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Monthly Reports

With Search Mavericks' detailed reporting, you will know exactly what we are doing to market your website at all times, along with your website SEO performance evaluation, website traffic, top referring keywords and a full analysis of your rankings for each targeted keyword.


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