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Search Mavericks was created on our CEO Larry Sheckell’s core principles of providing a ROI-based search marketing service that helps our clients succeed. After being in the internet marketing and SEO industry for over 10 years and seeing first-hand the crummy SEO and internet marketing services that were being peddled upon unknowing business owners, Larry opened the doors Search Mavericks, a company that is dedicated to providing small business and website owners a service that ACTUALLY WORKS to get them more traffic and higher rankings in Google. Since we began Search Mavericks in 2013, we have continued to learn and refine our process as the industry (and search engines) evolves. Along the way we have developed advanced quality control and reporting, continuing education for our staff and a cutting edge content development and marketing team. Search Mavericks is led by an experienced management team headed by Larry Sheckell, which provides strategic direction and support for the company. Our founder's hands-on approach has led to Search Mavericks becoming one of the most sought-after digital marketing companies in the world.

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I was always at the top of the search results...

Larry Sheckell handled my search engine optimization for a few years and did a phenomenal job. I was always at the top of the search results with his skilled and knowledgeable expertise in SEO...

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#2 spot on Google for a very competitive keyword...

Not only did Larry help build my website & social media presence, but he was able to rank my website in the #2 spot on Google for a very competitive keyword, and the first page for hundreds of local keywords... Franchise Consultants USA

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I can say with certainty that Larry is one of the best in the business...

As a fellow SEO expert, I can say with certainty that Larry is one of the best in the business ... For anyone looking to boost their online presence, Larry Sheckell is the man to talk to.

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First page of Google in less than 4 months of starting on page 7

I would highly recommend Larry and his work ethic. He was a great instructor in marketing and his SEO knowledge is invaluable. Larry was able to rank our site on the first page of Google in less than 4 months of starting on Page 7. He is a great leader and takes time to explain things in an easily understandable way. In working with a team, Larry always did a great job in communicating his ideas, thoughts, and concerns with the rest of the group all while being a great listener promoter for other members ideas as well. Ive not met anyone else with anywhere close the vast amount of knowledge of web presence that Larry Sheckell has. I would and do recommend him to anyone wanting to stand out on the internet.

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Keep it Real: Integrity

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SEO companies are infamous for throwing around the term “partnership,” but ultimately fail to meet such expectations. When we refer to our clients as partners, it’s because we completely immerse ourselves in their businesses. After all, we can't succeed unless you do!

Keep it Going: Dedication

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While many companies are mainly looking for a quick buck, we're interested in our clients' long-term success. That's why we offer ROI-based search marketing solutions. If you can't increase your profits, neither can we.

Keep it Cool: Creativity

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Search Mavericks understands the importance of being at the cutting-edge in your business. That's why we are constantly coming up with creative ways to showcase your business. Using a variety of platforms such as content networks and Social Media, we keep you at the forefront of your industry - and your customers' minds.

Keep it Smart: Innovation

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The internet is an ever-changing marketplace that demands constant innovation to remain relevant. Search Mavericks' team is dedicated to staying at the cutting-edge of both technology and your industry's demands.


Our goal is to provide businesses with the best possible strategies for online success, and it is that passion for what we do that allows us to garner such positive results for our clients. The Search Mavericks team is what happens when talents and hobbies become careers—we genuinely love what we do, and it shows in our work. If you too are passionate about your business’s success, you’ve come to the right place.
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